Piedmontese: The Myostatin Breed


An exceptional muscle development commonly referred to as “double muscled” in Piedmontese breed of cattle has attracted considerable attention from beef producers. The Piedmontese cattle breed is known to express a “double muscle” phenomenon and are renowned for their extremely lean, tender meat. It was discovered that the double muscling developed due to the naturally occurring mutations in what is referred to as the myostatin coding sequence. It is this gene, referred to as myostatin that occurs naturally in all mammals and restricts muscle growth. However, in the case of Piedmontese cattle, the gene is naturally mutated, resulting in the unrestricted muscle development known as double-muscling. Double muscling in cattle has long been a trait of interest to processors as consumers increasingly have favored lean and tender beef. Research at the US Meat and Animal Research Center (MARC) shows that muscle development in Piedmontese cattle averages 14 percent higher than in most other breeds. The myostatin gene also helps to provide the consistent tenderness of Piedmontese beef.

Studies determined that myostatin is a potent regulator of skeletal muscle. Double muscled Piedmontese have large bundles of small muscle fibers, due to the lack of a functional myostatin.



Yoder Farms Piedmontese Brand Beef has been consistently affirmed to MEAT the demand of consumers who expect the finest and highest standards of quality. Dr. Cundiff and his colleagues, of the USDA MARC Center, have worked to identify breeds or breed crosses that help improve tenderness while reducing excess fat. "Piedmontese cattle are an Italian breed with 11.5 percent more lean meat than Hereford and Angus,"  Cundiff says, "Their offspring produce lean, exceptionally tender meat." MARC reports prove, of 11 sire breeds, Piedmontese had the greatest tenderness.









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